Marriage RIngs for Males and Females (Bride or Groom) in Pakistan

خالص سونے اور ہیرے کی انگوٹھیاں دلہا اور دلہن کے لیے خریدیں اون لائن

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The bride gives a ring to the groom and the groom gives a ring to the bride. Such exchange of rings on the meaningful and beautiful occasion of their marriage made the occasion more beautiful and loveable. In the lives of Dulha and Dulhan, it leaves a beautiful effect.

The ritual of brides and grooms exchanging rings at weddings was widespread in ancient history, and many cultures still practice it today.

Pakistani marriages follow the same pattern. On both sides, either the villagers or the citizens exchange rings with the bride and groom. This trend is also prevalent in India and other subcontinental countries.

As well as the wedding rings for Dulha and Dulhan, we have the rings for the marriage ceremony and other programs as well. We also design rings for Dulhan according to their marriage dress. We keep the matching aspect in view.

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