Buy Real Diamond Earrings in Gold

اصلی سونے اور ہیرے کے ایئررنگ

Our collection of earrings offers stylish and classic diamond earrings. You can order now the available pure diamond earrings.

The price of a diamond earring is not the same everywhere. The prices of diamond earrings in Pakistan vary depending on different factors like color, shape, cuts, and the pairing material like aluminum, Silver (Chandi), and other metals. We have the following best available color and also cheap cut choices: in typical forms of pure diamond.

  • White Diamonds.
  • Champagne Diamonds.
  • Pink Champagne Diamonds.
  • Yellow Diamonds.
  • Blue Diamonds.
  • Green Diamonds.
  • Purple Diamonds.
  • Synthetic diamonds
  • Asscher diamond cut
  • Emerald diamond cut

We’ve some additional information for you, about diamonds.

How to know diamond is real or fake?

There should be no fog form on the diamond. It shouldn't take long for the fog to disappear. Each time you attempt this test, this should occur. Diamond earrings that show fog could be fake.

Finally, we would like you to learn some tricks, so here are 5 tips to avoid being cheated.

  • Cut

1. When diamonds are compared based on their cut quality, they are rated as Ideal/Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

2. A diamond's sparkle comes from light entering and reflecting back out of this precious stone when it is well-cut.

  • Color

1. From D to Z, a grading scale is introduced between two categories. The D category signifies "completely colorless" and the Z category means "very discolored".

2. These are considered to be most valuable if they fall into categories D-K.

  • Clarity

1. The lesser the flaws, the more the clarity.

2. Follow the clarity grading system, introduced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

  • Carat Weight

1. Diamonds are measured by their carat weight, which refers to their size and weight

2. 100 points equal one carat, and 1 gram is equivalent to 5 carats.

3. The diamond jewelry is sized and shaped according to its carat weight.

Our goal is to help you choose an elegant diamond earring from our website or buy from anywhere in the world based on the above points.

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