Real Gold Custom Name Earrings for Ladies

ناموں والے کانٹےاصلی سونے میں خریدیں

Name earrings with beautiful clothes on occasional places of residence are as important to our Pakistani culture as other customs. Identities serve as the very first markers of human existence. A name used to appear on the wishing cards that were used in olden times when people exchanged gifts. The recipient was ecstatic and happy.

Do you want something unique and glamorous for her sensitive ears at an affordable price? If so, then we would like to welcome you. Here, you will find good quality products and products that match your taste.

If you want a particular name on an earring bud ( Kaante ), with a particular earring design in Pakistan then you can order from here.

Have a look at these custom name earrings (Kaante). They are available in Gold shades that will suit your beloved’s taste and legacy. Everyone loves to have their beloved’s name printed on the gold. Shades are fine and have permanent colors. Although you won't find them getting dirty, you still need to keep the jewelry with high care. As an example, gold rusts in the following pattern at a different rate than other shades. Choices are based upon the passion you have, Where some Pakistani people love to have their names on earrings (Kaante) of Hoops style made in 18-carat gold while some of them show their interest in 21-carat gold (). Therefore, we offer you varied and high-quality choices for all of them.

There is a new world at every step, tastes are changing every second, and now modernity is spreading throughout the new world. If you are a girl and want to have these earrings made for your male relative, you can modify the concept of style and taste now. A unique variety is also available to them. You can order pure silver (chaandi) or platinum studs as well.

It’s a difficult task to make someone believe in the material through words, that is why we offer you to buy and use yourself. You won’t be disappointed after using it once. We believe in commitment and offer premium quality to our customers.

We manage and set prices for the average customer as well. Whether you opt for the 18 Carat Gold Studs or the 21 Carat Gold Studs you won't be disappointed after testing the quality.

The font gives elegance, class, uniqueness, modernity, and a cultural look. Trending styles are all over the world, whether you are a youth or an elder, you like stylish gadgets. You will find your taste here and we offer the best custom earring prices in Pakistan.

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